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The Vision of Aztec Civilization: A Legacy for Humanity

“Transform our vision of life and of ourselves, to achieve fulfillment and build a new world”

New readings and research carried out for more than 30 years about the Aztec Civilization, provide the world with a new vision about their wisdom, health habits, ethics, philosophy, education, sense of honor and the importance they gave to the well-being of their people.

Plenitud Azteca created two programs in order to increase, on the one hand, the quality, happiness and fulfillment in people’s lives and, on the other, the productivity of companies and organizations:

Human Development Program

Acquire the knowledge and tools of the innovative Human Development Program that will transform your life and make you happier and fuller.

This new knowledge makes a difference in people’s lives by balancing every aspect of their human experience. It is based on a deep and at the same time simple model, based on the ancestral wisdom of the Aztec culture.

IC IZA “The Challenge of Fullness” It has programs designed for companies, public and private institutions, as well as for the general public with outstanding results, as it transforms people’s mentality, makes organizations more productive and contributes to society with a higher level of well-being.

Comprehensive Health Program

Experience the benefits of the Ca Ye Cualli Comprehensive Health Program to prevent and reverse diseases, as well as to enjoy excellent health and physical strength, at any age.

Based on 30 years of research on the wisdom, habits and principles of the Aztec culture, it helps to stimulate and increase the healing and rejuvenation processes of the body through the combination of different natural methods.

The treatments do not interfere with allopathic medicine and include simple and profound processes that help restore and strengthen health.

It reverses and stops a wide range of diseases, especially those that currently afflict the productive force and, in general, Mexican and world society: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, communicable and cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Take the challenge to your company, institution or community!

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