History of Plenitud Azteca

The Dr. Israel Ugalde, founder and CEO of Plenitud Azteca, he was in contact with the Aztec civilization from a young age, through his friend Domingo Ferrer , who had started an investigation years before to learn more about this Mesoamerican culture. Both of them delved into the texts seeking to unravel the truth about this great civilization and understand the reason why what was written about this people presented so many inconsistencies. His work was joined by scholars such as Doctor in Sociology of French origin, Bruno Lutz and the Doctor in Nutrition, Teresa Ochoa .

They wondered why so little was said about the great humanist advances of that town, such as, for example, respect for the cults and customs of the conquered cities; in the way in which they took care that the tributes never exceeded the possibilities of the conquered; of the dignity that all people had for them, including slaves or of the alliances they made with friendly and subject peoples, to form modern confederations and free markets.

Israel’s concern was that the people know the greatness of that culture, which in many respects was more advanced than the Europe of the conquerors, since, for example, Aztec women were considered with the same equality as men in terms of rights and dignity, and enjoyed a system of compulsory universal education for both sexes, a system that was implemented in Europe until the 20th century.

Israel , for his part, in his search to find the best way to help people to have a better quality of life, he decided to study his career as a Naturopathic doctor, while delving into reading the texts to understand the details of the Aztec herbal tradition.

As he progressed in his research, he became more and more aware of the amazing advancement of that culture and it surprised him that most of its positive concepts were so little known in Mexico and in the world. With the passion that characterizes it, Israel brought together a series of experts to continue unraveling the details of said town, fundamentally with two purposes: on the one hand, to publicize these findings so that the Aztec culture was recognized for what it is, one of the great civilizations in history, and on the other, to rescue his wisdom so that he could serve and influence in a positive way in today’s world.

To do this, he founded the company in 2014, consolidated in 2017, as Aztec fullness , which was joined by businessmen, professionals and academics, each of them experts in different areas, to design a model and a formal human development program, “The Challenge of Fullness”, based on the findings of Aztec wisdom and that contemplated all areas of human life. The objective was that it be adapted, both to school-age children, as well as to young people and adults, to be disseminated in basic education institutions and universities, -public and private-, as well as in companies, foundations, health institutions, government , prisons and the general public in Mexico and in the world.

Shortly after, and based on the specific findings of the Aztec Naturopathy, the Dr. Ugalde design the model Ca Ye Cualli, which brings together various elements of Aztec medicine: the knowledge of Mexican herbalism, (which has more than 35,000 plants and ranks 2nd worldwide, due to its variety and efficiency); balanced diet; the practice of the Aztec fast, (as a way to keep healthy, not only the body, but the mind and spirit); physical activity; body manipulation, through its ancestral massage techniques and Temazcal, as an excellent complement to the body’s detoxification process.

Plans for the future of health model Ca Ye Cualli They include the construction of Health Centers, in various cities of the Republic and abroad, so that patients stay for different periods of time and have at their disposal all the processes of the model to preserve or recover health.

On the other hand, and along with the creation and dissemination of these programs, the International Human Unity Foundation non-profit, with the purpose that the programs reach the largest number of people in the country, and, especially, public institutions in Mexico, such as health, educational, prisons, among others.

Currently, both models are taught with great success in different entities of the Mexican Republic. In the future and in the short term, the plans include implementing both programs in the United States, Spain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Colombia. The Dr. Ugalde He has been distinguished with national and international awards and recognitions, as have several members of the Plenitud Azteca team.

At Plenitud Azteca we are aware that today’s world so advanced in technology, and that offers so many and varied options in all aspects, urgently needs to invent itself and retake universal values that serve as a reference to the human being. Our commitment is to seek for humanity to know and take advantage of the wisdom of our ancestors, for the benefit of the personal and global future that we want to build.